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Welcome to EduInfo, your most comprehensive online resource for all education data on schools in England. Our objective is to become the one-stop, go-to web platform for those who need to find primary, secondary and high school details fast and easy. We bring to you up-to-date information as well as historical statistics for KS0, KS1, KS2 and KS3 education facilities in England. Locate schools with a supersonic search tool or follow the quick links, view school performance, look into its past and current stats, check out the assessment results on completion of particular Key Stages covering English, Mathematics and Science exams, get to know all-out pupil and teacher data now! The years of schooling for pupils aged 3 to 14 are crucial to children development and should be trusted to someone you believe will benefit your kid in the best possible school available in your area. An informed choice is all about making a good decision based on good information. And here is where EduInfo comes in handy.

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