British Kids Stay Away From Healthy Food

kids breakfastIt's becoming commonplace for British pupils to choose a can of soda pop over food for breakfast before going to school every morning.


It wouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that healthy eating has fallen out of favor. However, one of the most recent surveys on British school pupils eating habits is a dramatic eye-opener. According to the research, kids not only fail to eat healthy food, but also seem to give up eating at all. As they claim, this is all done to lose weight.

Hyperactive Kids

What would kids do to kill their hunger? Well, some of them turn to fat-rich products like crisps. This may sound worrying, but wait, there's more. The same research has shown that one out of every 20 teenagers picks having a shot of energy drink in the morning. As Brian Lightman, the head of the Association of School and College Leaders quoted by BBC suggests, having a shot of energy drink in the morning puts the kid in “no fit state to be in the classroom”. As he later points out, consuming beverages of that type can make children simply hyperactive. Seems like ADHD is not the sole reason for kids' bad temper in the classroom.


Pupils Want To Be Fashionable

Ligthman claims that one of the reasons for energy drinks' popularity among kids is the 'cool' factor. Energy drinks are marketed as fashionable stuff and this is done in a very aggressive way. A quick look into one of the leading energy drink companies' financial records, Red Bull, reveals that they spend almost 25% of their revenue on ads. 


The popularity of energy drinks is definitely a worry. At first, such products are full of caffeine, an ingredient not particularly recommended to teenagers. Other than that, energy drinks are literally stuffed with sugar, which is another bad factor affecting the consumers' behavior after drinking a can of these. Even though the high sugar levels may help the kid to kill the hunger, the effect doesn't last long.


Healthy Eating Plays A Role

Dr Mary Bousted (head of  Association of Teachers and Lecturers) points to the role that a good, healthy breakfasting plays in kids' school performance. It helps the pupils stay focused and engaged during learning.  Plus to that, she suggests that every school should open a breakfast club. It would be a place that teaches children on how to prepare healthy meals or tell them the basics about nutritious food.