Fast and easy UK dialling codes search with phone number in the UK is composed of two parts – the first one is an arbitrarily assigned area code and the second is a local number. In the United Kingdom, telephone numbers and dialling codes are administered by The Office of Communications which is a governmental body in charge of creating a unified telephone numbering plan, establishing rules for telecommunication providers and monitoring compliance with nationwide regulations. There are hundreds of dialling codes in the United Kingdom which makes it almost impossible to know all of them by heart, especially due to the fact that there is basically no correlation between the area codes themselves and postcodes or local government boundaries. Area codes are used to connect calls between different geographic areas. The total length of a full UK telephone number amounts to 10 or 11 digits, but the dialling codes can vary in length depending on the area. Because of that, a brand new project was launched early this year to change the way we look for area codes online. From now on, the Internet users from all around the world no longer need to go to intricate databases or browse complex websites to find the area code they are looking for. With, information about dialling codes from Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England is just a few mouseclicks away. All data published on the website was collected from government resources for maximum accuracy.

Most area codes for home and business landlines start with 01 or 02, which combined with internal identifiers creates a complete dialling code. There are also dialling codes that start with 03, but they are not linked to any particular geographic location. Telephone numbers beginning with 05, 07, 08 and 09 are used for a variety of random services, such as mobile phones, specific business lines and premium rate services. is a website that aims to provide the Internet users worldwide with a free and user-friendly online repository of knowledge about UK area codes. It was created to speed up and facilitate online searches for local area codes. Due to intuitive layout, modern web design and eye-catching colour scheme, it is quickly becoming the ultimate resource for finding the exact dialling codes covering particular areas in the United Kingdom.

On you can find a variety of information that will help you pinpoint a specific area code. On the home page of the website you are presented with direct hyperlinks to four sections of the platform covering area codes from England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland. When you click on the name of the region, you will be redirected to a comprehensive database that features all area codes from particular location. They are arranged in a form of an alphabetical list for convenient and fast search. Each record has its own subpage that contains detailed and precise data about the area covered by the code, such as information about the region, its geographic coordinates, names of cities and towns within the specified code depicted on a small, Google-powered map, as well as information about local and international telephone number format.