Kids Too Embarrassed To Read In Public

kids readThe reading statistics are truly alarming - a study by National Literacy Trust indicates that there is a clear decline in the number of children who read for pleasure.

For centuries it's been assumed that kids' love for reading is inborn. The introduction and popularization of portable IT devices has turned it topsy-turvy, though. Since the beginning of the 21st century, book reading has fallen out of their favor. The trend is nothing new, though. Scientists have been pounding the alarm for at least a decade now. A good example can be seen in the study by The Progress in International Reading Literacy Study quoted by The Guardian in 2007 (source: shows that kids do turn their backs on books.


Reading Is Embarrassing

The latest research reveals some ugly truth – children tend to view book reading in their spare time as shameful. To put it another way, they are afraid to show to their peers that they read literature pieces in fear of being labeled as 'geeks.' To add fuel to fire, the above mentioned study also shows that parents are generally not at all bothered by the fact that their children stay away from books.


Quest For Literacy Hero

National Literacy Trust has just started a public campaign that aims at reigniting the passion for reading among kids. It is based on a survey that is supposed to name the nation's 'literature hero.' The participants are supposed to cast votes for characters who shaped their way of thinking or inspired them to learn to read. As Duchess of Cornwall, one of the main supporters of the campaign points out, it's essential for young children to realize the pleasure of reading.


Reading Is Essential

As researchers say, there is a clear correlation between reading rates and kids' school performance. Jonathan Douglas, the CEO of Trust, quoted by The Telegraph, claims that reading has to regain its cool among children. Otherwise, their performance at tests or exams would continue to be meager.