Localpeek.co.uk launches to help you get to know your neighbourhood

An exciting new project which uses post codes to put together extensive information about UK neighbourhoods launches this year to speed up online search for amenities and facilities in particular areas. Localpeek.co.uk aims at building a thorough database of local landmarks, schools, municipal parking facilities and health care providers, together with real estate value, population, school ratings and many more. All the data available at Localpeek.co.uk is organized by post codes, which facilitates the research about particular district.


We all know how important it is to live in a neighbourhood which has good schools for our children, easily available health care, as well as a number of cinemas, theatres, gyms and other places where families can spend their free time in a creative and entertaining way. If you plan on relocating to a different city or just moving from one borough to another, and you are not sure which place to choose, localpeek postcode finder is there to help you make an educated decision. On a neatly organized web page you can find the facts which will help you build a profile of a neighbourhood or a district without unnecessary, and often time-consuming research. With localpeek.co.uk you have all the information you need, just a few mouse clicks away.


The idea behind the project is to create an online platform which organizes the knowledge about amenities and facilities, and shares it with anyone looking for a particular place in their neighbourhood. What distinguishes localpeek.co.uk from other online locators is the fact that it organizes the places by post codes. With that in mind, the platform not only makes the search faster and more enjoyable, but also provides you with all necessary information, such as the address, up-to-date opening and closing times and phone numbers of the places you are looking for. All that makes localpeek.co.uk the ultimate resource providing a comprehensive and reliable knowledge about a particular area.


You can search the database by using shortcuts, which comprise of food part, medicine part, business part, and education part. By entering the post code and choosing one of the aforementioned units you will be presented with all restaurants and pubs, health care providers, business centres and bank branches, and information on schools in your chosen area. Despite the fact that you may not always know the exact post code, you are still able to use Localpeek.co.uk to the fullest, as the website is equipped with a powerful search engine, which helps you find the desired location by choosing the county, district, and towns from a drop down menu. After that, you will be presented with nearby postal codes. All you need to do next is to pick one and search for information you need.


Planning a night out with your loved one and looking for a new restaurant a few blocks away from your home? Looking for a good public or private school for your child? Trying to locate the nearest pharmacy which is open 24/7? You can find all that and more on localpeek.co.uk!