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closing timesUsers looking for key information about company structures and top executives usually use their favorite search engines in hope of easy access to this data. More often than not, their effort is in vain – search enginees usually refer them to online business directories, which are complex, hard to navigate and not user-friendly at all. brings a breath of fresh air to the online business directory scene by offering comprehensive selection of data on an innovative and decidedly user-friendly platform. The creators of this business directory are aware of recent trends in user experience and made the most of them when creating the structure of this website. Users can easily navigate through the pages and conduct a thorough managing director check to find the information they were looking for.

What kind of data is featured on As its name suggests, is a directory devoted to providing key company information starting with the names of top executives and mangers leading all kinds of enterprises located in the UK.

By typing the name of a company or person, users can generate a comprehensive list of results. Every single managing director profile contains enough data to satisfy even the most detailed market research. Users are able to access general information about the person, their age, date of birth, nationality and address. They can also find out when this person has been appointed as the managing director of a company and when they resigned from the post, if they did.

Users can practically trace the career of this person by checking their work history and identifying who were their main co-wrokers. shows periods of time when those people have worked together – a piece of information users cannot find even on LinkedIn.

Moreover, provides access to a wide range of company details, including its full name, address, category and Sic code. Users can benefit from an insight into financial data by checking a selection of company filings of the organization which include its annual return and full list of members.

How can all this data be actually used? It's clear that company information is sought-after for many reasons. Researchers delving into a sector or conducting a market research will benefit from So will journalists writing articles about an industry or an accomplished managing director. Professionals can check whether a company can be trusted in partnership or research their main competitors. Finally, regular internet users can find data on when applying for a job – they can check the financial situation of the company and its internal structure. is simpler than any other business directory available on the web and features an extensive scope of company information entirely for free, taking the concept of online business directory to the next level and showing that such vast amount of information can be presented in a user-friendly way.