New Zealand company data now available at

Entrepreneurs, marketers, and business owners are always looking to learn more about the local business scene. Until recently, they had to rely on complex and often poorly-structured online databases.

Today, they've got a brand new online directory at their disposal. helps professionals access heaps of data about local businesses in New Zealand, all presented on a simple, user-friendly interface.

This functional database is what users have been looking for. A few clicks are enough to gain them access to a wide selection of comprehensive company profiles that feature a lot of essential information about New Zealand businesses.

What sets apart from other directories is its intuitive and user-friendly interface. It just doesn't look like common business directories that often hide plenty of data in their labyrinthine structures. And that's because was created with users in mind.

It's a platform that addresses the needs of entrepreneurs and market analysts who want to learn more about New Zealand businesses by listing information about all types of companies ranging from large, mid-sized and small enterprises. All data featured on is regularly updated and reviewed.

How does help in searching for company information?

All users need is a company name or a postal code, and they'll get a range of relevant results that match their query. They can open individual company profiles to learn more about the businesses operating in the area.

What kind of company data is featured on

Users accessing a company profile will first see a selection of general business data – for example, the company's name, number, status, industry classification code, industry classification description, and current address at the top of the page.

Scrolling down, they'll find a concise description of the company's activity and business model.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg also features information about the company's principal places of activity – be it registered and physical – and lists all of their organization's previous addresses.

Users interested in the financial aspect of the company will be able to see its list of shareholders together with the number of company shares owned by each shareholder. The platform also lists company directors together with their addresses and appointment dates which are displayed on a clear timeline. is an online database created with users in mind. Its smart interface combined with a functional search engine make it an outstanding choice for anyone interested in learning more about the business scene in New Zealand.

This database is simply a one-stop resource for information about companies operating in New Zealand.