NYBizDb.com – the business directory of the future

NYBizDb.com is a new resource that answers the thirst of market knowledge among entrepreneurs and other internet users interested in getting practical information about businesses located in the state of New York.

In a few clicks, users gain access to specific business information about relevant companies. Thanks to NYBizDb.com, they can easily analyze a town or region regarding its business activity, or analyze a particular company. All the data they need will be waiting on specialized company profiles.

NYBizDb.com is an innovative and comprehensive business directory that has been optimized to serve the needs of business owners, market analysts, and other users who want to get a sense of the business scene in New York.

NYBizDb.com is a functional resource of information about large, mid-sized and small enterprises which are located or registered in the state of New York. The platform offers its users access to a wide range of constantly updated company data.

Business in New York

It should come as no surprise that the state of New York houses thousands of companies.

Users who want to find out more about the local business scene usually turn to online business directories. But these pose several problems: they're vast, unstructured, complex, and hard to understand. They often feature rudimentary or outdated information.

Entrepreneurs in need of business data can now have a look at NYBizDb.com. A few details are enough to gain access to a range of relevant search results that paint an accurate picture of the state of New York.

What kind of company data can they find on NYBizDb.com?

Each company profile offers a wide range of information such as the company's name (DOS process name), type, full address, date of establishment, and jurisdiction, together with some key details about the company's management. Entrepreneurs can see the name of the company's CEO and with their contact address. NYBizDb.com also displays data about the company's registered agent, featuring their name and address as well.

NYBizDb.com includes information about the company's DCA license details including the business name, DCS license number, license type, category and expiration date, full address and other details. For example, checking a company called Real Deal Auto Clinic Inc., users can learn about the active plate numbers of the vehicles which are operated by the company.

NYBizDb.com features a functional search tool where users can look companies up typing in a name, city, postal code, or simply pick one of the company categories available in a drop-down list.

For example, it’s enough to type in a zip code and pick a category – such as “Foreign Not-For-Profit Corporation” – to get a list of results which match the query for the particular area zone in the state of New York.

NYBizDb.com was created with users in mind, allowing simple and easy searching of crucial company data. Thanks to this innovative platform, users can get a sense of the business in New York with just a couple of clicks.