Populationof.net launched this year to bring you only the most reliable demographic and population statistics

Populationof.net is a brand new virtual platform that aims to organize and structure demographic data on the Internet. It provides an innovative take on population statistics, bringing only the most reliable and up-to-date information. There are many websites that claim to publish verified demographic data, however, after a closer look you may discover that the data sets they offer are outdated or incomplete, thus becoming obsolete and useless. Populationof.net is the ultimate online resource that provides its users with current population statistics from countries and regions from all around the world. It quickly became an invaluable tool for everyone in need of trustworthy information regarding population trends and demographic statistics.

Numerous social outcomes are impacted by demographic processes and population distributions, therefore everyone working on demographic and population data understands that there is absolutely no room for error. Historic and current statistics, as well as future estimates resulting from demographic studies can contribute to the development of adequate school, infrastructure and healthcare systems and help estimate the required funding for social aid services. Apart from that, accurate population statistics are an inseparable part of market research, economics, sociology and other scientific disciplines. They are also used by businessmen, students and individuals interested in changes happening in various parts of the globe.

When you enter Populationof.net you immediately see seven virtual flashcards and a short introduction briefly outlining the idea behind the platform. On the top of the page there is a section dedicated to world population – it contains data about current population, life expectancy, median age and births that happened on a given day and during the current year. An ingenious live population clock counts world population up-to-the-minute, so that you can observe constant changes happening all around the world. On the home page you can also find six flashcards dedicated to particular regions – Europe, Asia, Africa, Northern America, Oceania and Latin America together with the Caribbean region. Each flashcard contains an overview of the most important demographic facts and figures. When you click on the name of a particular region you will be redirected to a dedicated page containing in depth analysis of region’s demographics. The data, such as population, median age and rural versus urban population is presented on readable charts accompanied by a brief commentary. The data collected by Populationof.net is thorough and informative - you can see population statistics dating back to 1960. There is also a chart displaying detailed historical statistics between the years of 1960 and 2018 and estimated population predictions between 2020 and 2050. On the top of that, this section houses hyperlinks to country subpages that contain detailed demographic data for a given country.

What distinguishes Populationof.net from ordinary websites collecting random population data is the fact that this innovative platform uses state-of-the-art research techniques and is equipped with smart algorithms that pick up specific data sets. Information published on the website is collected from verified official government sources for the utmost accuracy and reliability. As for the web design, the developers behind the project put a lot of effort into making the platform easy to navigate and as intuitive as possible. As an added bonus, they adopted modern and elegant colour scheme that gives the website a professional finish.