The Creators Of Release A Supersonic Bank Branch Locator

bank openingThe authors of are happy to announce a launch of a brand new project –, an innovative bank branch finder designed to accelerate and facilitate searching for information about UK banks.


A pressing need to organize and update the knowledge about banks from all over the UK has inspired Eduinfo's authors to create and develop a virtual database of banking institutions, which puts together practical information about every bank located in the United Kingdom.


Have you ever called your bank only to find out the line has been disconnected? Or maybe you have wasted hours cruising the neighbourhood in search of a local branch of your bank? Truth be told, almost everyone has at least one unpleasant experience connected with opening and closing times of their local bank branch. Thanks to those days are over. Equipped with a swift search engine, this cutting-edge bank locator will help you look up helpful information regarding banks in a matter of minutes. Reaching out to your local institution has never been so simple. is a precise digital bank directory, which puts together bank opening hours and closing times, contact details, such as up-to-date phone numbers, current addresses, and detailed directions, displayed on regularly updated, easy-to-read maps. In the bottom of the page, you can find a list of all UK banks. Just click on one of the names and you will be redirected to a dedicated page of a particular bank. To locate the nearest branch, you can also enter a zip code or a street name. Supersonic search engine will present you with the most adequate results. It is worth to mention that, unlike outdated bank finders, not only collects contact information and locates the nearest bank branch, but also shows a street view to help you arrive at your final destination without any problems.


Currently, is the ultimate online bank branch inventory successfully collecting and sharing the knowledge about all banks and their branches. You no longer have to worry that you won't be able to find a branch of your bank in your city or on holidays. With you are able to look up and locate the nearest branch everywhere you go. The locator works perfectly on all kinds of portable devices, which means you can have a top online resource for locating banks always at your service.