The Secrets of Education Revealed at Two Upcoming Online Services in Poland and Ireland


What every parent is concerned about when thinking about the future of their children is without a shadow of a doubt their education. In order to ensure a future success in both professional and personal area of their lives, parents should seek the best schooling options for their offspring and this itself has proven to be quite a challenge. The arrival of two online resources, Eduranking and IrelandStats, might, however, radically change the way the schooling facilities are researched in Poland and Ireland.

Educational Revolution on the Web

It goes without saying that our lives have been recently altered with the popularization of various online services and resources that assist us at any time and any place. Fortunately, schooling did not escape this change as the recent developments on the education scene resulted in a possible utility – by making the choice of school truly unbiased and much easier thanks to the multitude of statistical data that not only would otherwise be hard to acquire, but also time-consuming to understand and analyze. Using and, Polish and Irish parents can now easily guide their way through the meanders of the education system of their respective countries and ensure that their choices are wise and well-informed.

What You See is What You Get

When choosing a school, we're usually influenced by factors that aren't necessarily related to its teaching performance – more often than not we tend to consider its location. This essentially means that the vast majority of parents chooses schools without the knowledge of the institutions' achievement on key level tests, be it Irish GCSEs or Polish general secondary level tests or graduation exams. This kind information is offered in both websites in question. At we can choose schools by location – for every region, county or city, the website will generate the number of kindergartens, primary, secondary and high schools. This allows us to explore all the schooling options available in our vicinity. uses a similar categorization system, but it additionally shows the number of special education schools available in each location – a fact relevant to parents who'd like their children to pursue their education in institutions suited best to their intellectual and physical requirements.

The Point of Convergence

Even though some recent scientific studies have shown the dark side of standardized testing, the scores of those tests do demonstrate, however, an approximate of the school's teaching level, ranging from the teaching methodology used to boost the students' performance in various subjects to the general atmosphere in school that induces the feeling of competitiveness within the student body. Whether we agree with the present schooling system or not, we need to take into account the future of our children and prepare them to live in harsh professional realities that are symptomatic to the current state of economy. Standardized testing is a part of the process which facilitates not only our kids' emotional and intellectual growth, but can also be a good indication of the school's overall performance.

With their comprehensive set of most recent and highly relevant data on the education system of Poland and Ireland, Eduranking and IrelandStats bring us closer to the schooling reality and allow us to make the best decision possible.