Too Many Students And Too Few Schools

studentsOfficial numbers say it: in two years' time the number of pupils in some districts may simply exceed the number of places available for them.

In a statement that was issued by Local Government Association it is indicated that more than a half of English school districts may experience a sudden surge in the students' demand for places. By 2015, as the report claims, the number of places available to primary school students can drop around 20%. This is due to cuts in education spending which are the direct result of the looming financial crisis. Plus to that, the surging birth rates are quite a surprise, according to the statement by LGA.


Free Schools Open Up

The news on places' shortage hit on the wake of government's opening new educational facilities. More than a half of the 93 newly-opened-up places would be primary schools. This means, there would be some extra 43,000 places for students. So, what is the whole argument all about? As LGA's officials claim, the process of opening these new facilities is controlled by the government, namely by the Department of Education. One of the LGA's officials anonymously points out that “they (the government) often fail to provide adequate schooling in areas with the most need for these new places.” To make things worse, those free educational facilities are many a time opened up in areas where there are too many schooling places already.


Most Overcrowded Districts

The trend is reaching England-wide. According to LGA, public funding has failed to make it in Ealing, Bristol, Lewisham, or Maidenhead. The list is long and contains a few more names but these were the most in need. Overall, as LGA's statistics show, almost 1,000 out of over 2,200 school planning districts will have too many students in the next two years. The most pressured-on areas are the 99 areas where the number of students is predicted to rise by 20% in the next two years.