Users Can Now Access Aggregated Data at Datastical

All entrepreneurs and businesses need data to understand their market better and thrive in their niche.

Without a set of stable and updated data about their sector, they won't be able to make sound management decisions and direct their business operation. That's why access to data is such an important issue.

There are many online databases available on the Internet, but most of the time, they are hard to navigate and offer incomplete or outdated information. Datastical is a brand-new type of platform that aggregates data from various online databases on a clean user interface, presenting it in accessible charts and graphs to help users make the most of this information.

This innovative platform is based on the result-driven semantic solutions that allow users access data from multiple sources organized in a single place. With Datastical, users can explore various industries and sectors to find all kinds of information about companies located in the United States.

At the moment, Datastical offers data about motor carriers and medical institutions. But it's expanding and the creators of the platform plan to add more databases shortly.

How can users look for data on Datastical? First, users can check out the section with recently added companies. All businesses are divided by category to help users navigate it quickly. Another interesting part is the company index which lists all the companies included in the platform in alphabetical order.

Users who click on the company name will be directed to the individual company profile. Every company profile on Datastical includes lots of practical information such as the enterprise name, carrier operation, or Dot number. It also offers more in-depth data such as whether the carrier is subject to placardable HM threshold or passenger carrier threshold.

Users can read a short description of the company and get detailed information, ranging from the company state affiliation and contact details to the number of power units and drivers. Information about MCS 150 mileage form date and per year is available well, together with the company's Safety Measurement System (SMS) results.

Users can also check what the total number of inspections within the last 24 months was. That figure is further divided into inspection types and the number of drivers who have been inspected.

Scrolling down, users can see nearby companies or popular enterprises in the category – a great resource for learning more about the sector and local market.

Datastical offers data aggregated from various online databases on its user-friendly interface. All kinds of professionals will appreciate having all that information at their disposal in a single place.

Datastical is clearly on its way to becoming an essential resource for all those who look for robust data about a particular business niche.