New source of Australian business data at AuBiz

Access to publicly-available company information shouldn't be as hard as it is nowadays. Even though the internet helps consumers to reach such data, it's usually locked in complex databases which discourage even the most motivated searchers. To put it simply, databases we see now on the market often feature data which is fragmentary or worse, outdated.

Added: 24.02.2016


New UK Business Data Available at

Users looking for key information about company structures and top executives usually use their favorite search engines in hope of easy access to this data. More often than not, their effort is in vain – search enginees usually refer them to online business directories, which are complex, hard to navigate and not user-friendly at all.

Added: 01.12.2015

Opening times – your gateway to UK businesses opening and closing times

Even if the web permeates literally every aspect of our daily lives, many users still note a considerable gap between the non-virtual reality and web content, with the latter aiming to keep up with the rapid development and many changes happening in our urban infrastructure. Fortunately, users can now get a firmer grasp on it with – a brand new portal, geared at bridging this gap by bringing its users tons of key information about all brick-and-mortar shops located in the UK.

Added: 28.07.2015

Bank opening

The Creators Of Release A Supersonic Bank Branch Locator

The authors of are happy to announce a launch of a brand new project –, an innovative bank branch finder designed to accelerate and facilitate searching for information about UK banks.

Added: 21.05.2015


The Secrets of Education Revealed at Two Upcoming Online Services in Poland and Ireland

What every parent is concerned about when thinking about the future of their children is without a shadow of a doubt their education. In order to ensure a future success in both professional and personal area of their lives, parents should seek the best schooling options for their offspring and this itself has proven to be quite a challenge. The arrival of two online resources, Eduranking and IrelandStats, might, however, radically change the way the schooling facilities are researched in Poland and Ireland.

Added: 18.02.2014

Content Marketing Specialist / Corporate Copywriter Job in UK

Content Marketing Specialist / Copywriter Job in UK

EduInfo is looking for a part-time Content Marketing Specialist / Copywriter for a web project to write original, powerful content for our website, social media, external web sources as well as distribute the content online.

Added: 18.10.2013

Young Brits Get Affected By Online Bullying

Young Brits Get Affected By Online Bullying

The whole British society gets shocked every now and then by the stories of teens committing suicide after being bullied online, but there are people who want to do something against it.

Added: 11.10.2013

British Kids Stay Away From Healthy Food

British Kids Stay Away From Healthy Food

It's becoming commonplace for British pupils to choose a can of soda pop over food for breakfast before going to school every morning.

Added: 11.10.2013

New Test Reveals Kids

New Test Reveals Kids' Reading Problems

Every third British primary school pupil does have some serious reading problem as a recent study shows.


Added: 08.10.2013

Kids Too Embarrassed To Read In Public

Kids Too Embarrassed To Read In Public

The reading statistics are truly alarming - a study by National Literacy Trust indicates that there is a clear decline in the number of children who read for pleasure.

Added: 08.10.2013

Too Many Students And Too Few Schools

Too Many Students And Too Few Schools

Official numbers say it: in two years' time the number of pupils in some districts may simply exceed the number of places available for them.

Added: 08.10.2013