Parkgate House School in London
Region: London Local Authority: Wandsworth Address: 80 Clapham Common Clapham Common, London Northside Postcode: SW4 9SD Website:
Reference Number: 101091 Local authority Number: 212 School number: 6397 DfE Number: 2126397 Age: from 2 to 10 Gender: Mixed School type: Other Independent School Enrolment Total: 248 Enrolment Girls: 134 (54.0%) Enrolment Boys: 114 (46.0%)
Latitude: 51°27' 41.73" Longitude: -0°9' 13.83"
Parkgate House School is located in London at 80 Clapham Common. The School's ZIP code is SW4 9SD. Telephone number is 020 73502452.
The most important ID numbers are:
Unique Reference Number: 101091,
School number: 6397,
Local authority Number: 212.
The School is enrolled in the Local Executive Authority registry under the number two hundred and twelve, and the LA controlling it is Wandsworth, part of the locality of London.
The school category is: Other Independent School. At the time being the school's enrolment numbers are two hundred and forty eight pupils, 114 of which are boys, and 134 makes up the volume of schoolgirls. These enrolment numbers make the school classify: 68 in Local Authority, 1917 in Region, 10941 in the Country in terms of the volume of the school students.
Schoolchildren's ages are within two to ten. This is primary school.


Other school information

Students data

  School School % England London Wandsworth
Percentage of pupils with SEN statement or on School Action Plus NP NP 13% 14% 19%
Percentage of pupils on roll with SEN on School Action NP NP 11% 11% 12%
Percentage of pupils with English not as first language NP NP 14% 44% 42%
% pupils where first language is unclassified NP NP 0% 0% 0%
Percentage of pupils eligible for free school meals NP NP 20% 27% 29%
Percentage of pupils eligible for FSM at any time during the past 6 years NP NP 27% 36% 39%

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